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Sports  Day : Allympics

Traditional & New Games, Challenges and Races

Games Master MC with his Trusty Umpires


 WATCH, TAKE PART, CHEER ON : a day for everyone : NO CATCH

“I’ve been watching for 3 hours, best thing here”    Urban Village Fete audience member

Commissioned by Urban Village fete in 2019. 

With experienced street performers as the Umpires and Games Master

a mixture of show, installation, and classic sports day (with twists).

Available for bookings with plans for further development.

Sack Race, Hurl the Dog, Tug of War, Pin the Tail on the Running Human Rabbit, The Egg & Spoon Chase, Obstacle Course with Cubist Puzzle

Building Block Tower Build World Record Challenge, Hit the Umpire with Cuddly Toys…


Trophies and Medals awarded. Presented on grass or concrete, with games tailored to the environment. Runs for up to 6 hours

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