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Toy Elephant Wrangler

 Speed Painter

Zen Master of the Obstacle Course

Contraption Creator

Friend & Colleague to Frank the Dog


Outdoors Events, Festivals, Cabarets, Theatre Shows, Corporate Events & on TV


Jon performs solo, in collaborations and as a member of award winning variety troupe Slightly Fat Features.


High Skill Speed Painting, Deadpan Silent Comedy, Ramshackle Chain Reaction Machines...

Jon has many sides, most of them unspoken.


Since 2000 he has been performing his artistic oddities at leading & landmark festivals, events & venues around the world.

He lives in London, England, with his family.       


“Sensational”  The Stage 

“Funereal Rocker”  The Evening Standard

2nd or 3rd Best Alternative Performer - London Cabaret Awards 2014



created in 2021 : touring in 2022
A show of our times : a faith free, street prophet, mystic, psychic sorceror, in a show that involves communities and plays with realities
"This is modern street theatre at its immersive best – hilarious, ridiculous and yet mysterious and subversive..." Joe Mackintosh : CEO of Out There Arts

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